A disappointing penultimate round of Asian Le Mans for Inception Racing in Abu Dhabi

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Contact early in today’s third round of the Asian Le Mans Series race made for a tough race for all three of the #7 Inception Racing drivers. Brendan started the race from 12th position in the GT class, but soon after sustained front left damage to the 720S McLaren GT3.

This resulted in some overheating issues that the team had to endure throughout, meaning that Brendan, Ollie and Ben could not push to the limit and move through the field as expected.

Tenth position in the GT class was a disappointing result, but the team will regroup tonight at Yas Marina, ready for the final challenge of the Asian Le Mans Series.

Ben Barnicoat
“We were losing 1.5 to 2.0 seconds a lap for over three hours of the race and we could only push from time to time due to the overheating. I jumped in for the final stint and when I could, I pushed, and the pace of the car was really good.

"It’s frustrating as the Inception Racing team did a good job with the strategy and had it not been for the overheating issue, I think we would have been in for a good day. These things happen, that’s racing, and I appreciate the boys have a long night ahead identifying the issues, but we’ll come back stronger tomorrow.”

Ollie Millroy
“We had damage early on and we had temperature issues and that caused a loss of power. As soon as it got hot, we’d lose power and that cost us dearly in terms of lap time. A tough day for us, but we look forward to being back on track tomorrow.”


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